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AiM's Manufacturing modules will enable your business to make informed, real-time manufacturing decisions. By using AiM, you will ensure quality, increase plant throughput, contain costs and improve delivery performance.

Production Control

The Production Control module provides additional database facilities to maintain Routing, Operation and Resource details, together with Order Creation, Release and Tracking facilities. 

Materials Requirements Planning

The Material Requirements Planning module provides the facility to evaluate Sales Forecasts, Sales Orders, Production Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Levels and Inventory Parameters based on a future daily assessment together with ordering lead times. 

In the case of recommended Manufacturing Orders, the Bill of Materials is used to determine lower level requirements and recommend further Orders where necessary.

Capacity Planning

The Capacity Planning module provides the facility to evaluate production requirements against availability. The standard evaluation matches firm production orders against resource availability, on a due date basis, to establish utilisation levels. If Production Scheduling is interfaced, a scheduled date basis is also used to establish schedule underloads. If Material Requirements Planning is interfaced, recommended production orders are used with firm orders to provide a third view of utilisation levels.

Production Scheduling

The Production Scheduling module provides the facility to schedule production orders in priority sequence utilising the up to date order status and availability of resources 

A facility is also provided to schedule/reschedule orders on an individual basis.

Contract Management

The Contract Management module provides the facility to generate Estimates or Contracts, which can be based upon previous jobs. Material Schedules are generated from Estimates or through the Contracts Maintenance Procedures. 

The System allows for standard and non-standard parts, which can be directly linked to suppliers, and through the Production Control interface, MRP will generate manufacturing and purchasing recommendations for all components used within Material Schedules. 

Despatch paperwork will be generated when Material Schedules or sections of a Contract are to be delivered. 

The Purchasing Interface enables the collection of actual cost of goods received thus allowing for the cost build up to total contract cost. Comprehensive Reports and Enquiries show an up to date picture of estimated, actual and expected final cost.