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Sage Line 100 End of Life

10th January 2013

Sage (UK) Limited have announced that Line 100 will reach its End of Life on 31 March 2014.

Currently, they offer Extended Support for Line 100, via SALP or Sagecover, which means that they will still provide technical support, enable strings and the facility for existing customers to add users or modules to their systems. They will no longer produce software updates related to Line 100, this means that they will no longer guarantee that Line 100 will be legislatively compliant and have ceased to offer support for Line 100 through the Mid-Market Developers’ Programme.

From 1 April 2014 customers will no longer be able to add users or modules to their systems, however customers will still be able to use their software. 

If a customer is on version 7.1 or above their software will time out on an annual basis.  To continue using it they will be required to purchase an Enable string at a charge of £500 per annum (subject to annual price increases).  Any customer on version 7.0 or below has a perpetual licence, which doesn’t time out, therefore they can continue to use their software without any time limit.  It is anticipated they will still need to contact Sage on an annual basis for an Enable string free of charge as Sage are not yet able to produce a string which does not eventually time out.

Please contact to discuss your support and upgrade options.